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Global Resorts Network Is Your Ticket To Saving Up To 80% Off Your Next Family Vacation And Earning Life Changing Commissions Of $1,000, $3,250 And Even $7,700 When You Share Our Membership With Others.

You're About To Discover Global Resorts Network, The Amazing Secret To Enjoying Timeshare Luxury At Motel Prices.

At last, there's finally a solution to luxury travel at exclusive timeshare resorts without the expense of owning a timeshare. Say " good bye" to paying bills, never ending maintenance fees, and not getting the weeks you want. It's time you say "HELLOOOO" to Global Resorts Network and finally discover the secret, hidden travel path that lets you travel the world like royalty for pennies on the dollar (HINT: The timeshare resorts don't want you to know about this!), press play below.

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Global Resorts Network Membershipvs Owning a Timeshare


GRN Membership

Can cost on average $10,000+One low cost to join
Annual Dues ranging from $300 - $1,000+.No annual Dues or maintenance fees
Default on yearly Dues could jeopardize ownership.Join once, member for life, no extra fees
Timeshare exchange = difficult & costly.No more exchanging, choose from 1000's of luxury resort properties, book instantly online.
Max depreciation on investment worth approx. 10 CENTS on the dollar.Membership has retained full value for the last 21 years. ($75. 0 transfer fee)
Owners must pay additional fees for property remodeling & renovations Members never share in remodeling or renovation costs.
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Global Resorts Network - Member Benefits

Our Global Resorts Network Members have access to an unparalleled selection of superior accommodations at attractive prices. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations. At Global Resorts Network, our timeshare resorts members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Unlimited travel 52 weeks a year, enjoy traveling on YOUR time
  • NO! monthly or annual dues
  • NO! maintenance fees
  • NO! blackout dates or restricted weeks
  • NO! difficult or costly exchanges
  • Significant discounts at superiortimeshare resorts(up to 80% off retail)
  • Lifetime access to our membership
  • Access to over 5, 0 timeshare resorts world wide = never get bored
  • Fully transferable so you can pass your membership to your loved ones!
  • Like owning a timeshare without all the expense or hassles
  • Quick and easy booking center online
  • Fun filled FREE resort activities = memories and family bonding time

Did You Know?

Women�s Health Magazinereported that women who spend their money on experiences (like vacations) report higher happiness levels than if they spent money on normal material things (like TVs and jewelry).


" Vacations are Good for You, Medically Speaking"

  • Men who do not take an annual 7 - day vacation are 32% more likely to die of a heart attack.
  • Couples who vacation together experience intimacy 40% more while on vacation.
  • Men report returning to work rejuvenated with lower stress levels.

We use our extensive experience and volume purchasing power to overcome the challenges of an industry that is otherwise overpriced high pressured sales:

  • Timeshares have significant start - up costs and can be very difficult to exchange.
  • Rental properties are both scarce and the most expensive form of vacation accommodation.
  • By shopping continuously for superior accommodations, we are able to provide our members with an extensive selection of discriminating properties at prices significantly below market rates.

These are only a few of the benefits our members enjoy, see what other k1 members have to rave about on our member testimonials page. We're not here to convince but simply share a real life product that yields TRUE savings immediately upon purchase. There's no hype, bs, or fluff, it's the real deal, check out our Global Resorts Network membership and see for yourself below.

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Still Unsure Of What Global Resorts Network Can Save You And Your Family?

Check out the full - story of how the Global Resorts Network membership actually works and why we're able to beat Expedia's so - called "lowest online pricing guarantee". That model is outdated and could actually be costing you even more money. It's NOT YOUR FAULT you didn't know and we're here to clear up any unanswered questions. The travel industry is not your friend, that's precisely why we make timeshare - sales people cringe when they see the prices and money we're able to save everyday people like you.

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